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New Profile Posts

  1. Saekki_keyongi
    Saekki_keyongi Taty86
    I love love your creations thanks so much for all the effort you put into them!!!!!!!
  2. Taty86
    Taty86 LoveAndLasers
    Thank you for following me ♥
  3. Josh
    Josh suzywong42
    Hi Suzy,

    We just saw a flag that says there's an error. But it wasn't very specific. Could you provide more information? Thanks.
  4. Alfredlovessims
    I love Paul Mccartney!
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  5. www.sweetsims.net
    creo que me he confundido de pagina, no necesito que nadie me ayude a crear , ni tampoco nada relacionado con mi web.
  6. www.sweetsims.net
    os pido que visitéis la nuestra y deis vuestra opinión sobre ella. GRACIAS!!
  7. www.sweetsims.net
    hola a todos, como veo por aquí todos teneis web...
  8. Simstopics
    Alright, so I'm uploading my mod updates now, the only one UNSAFE and NOT updated right now is all 3 of my walkstyles disabled mods.
    1. Simstopics
      All but those 3 are uploaded now! Please let me know if I got a mod mixed up with the wrong page xD my 2 year old was "helping"
      Jan 14, 2017
    2. Simstopics
      Testing my walkstyle mods before I upload them! Should be updated and uploaded sometime today unless I run into any issues!
      Jan 14, 2017
  9. Simstopics
    Sorry everyone! I won't be able to check my mods until the patch downloads...I have terrible internet now since ex-fiance and I split up..
    1. Simstopics
      But as soon as I can get it to download (or get the resources to check my mods) I will post what needs updated/compatible!
      Jan 12, 2017
  10. Nightvyxen
    Working on my website, yep its returned =D
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    2. Josh
      Woo hooo! looking forward to seeing its return :D
      Jan 9, 2017
  11. Leanne
    Happy 2017 everyone!!
  12. k-hippie
    Hey ... we're wishing everyone a good times and a merry Xmas :)
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  13. Miriah
    Miriah Sympxls
    Your recolors for Sympxls Sofia Sweater RC 2016-12-14, the png picture file is linked as the downloadable file and not the package file. Could you fix this please? Thanks!
    1. Sympxls
      Thanks for letting me know Miriah!! I'm so sorry for my mistake. I'm trying but failing to get the resource fixed. I have opened a ticket for it. If you still want the DL, please download it from the SFS link on my tumblr post. Im really sorry for this booboo :(
      Dec 15, 2016
  14. Simstopics
    No updates for the 12/6/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version patch, but refer to last post about 12/1/16 patch!
  15. jennysims
    I really like the falling snow on this site. Would love to have it for my tumblr theme!
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  16. Maromarunz
    will start making some new CC when my Sims 4 studio decides to work
  17. Simstopics
    All Walkstyles Disabled, Free/Half Priced Club Perks, No Emotional Deaths, Children Can Die of Anything, and Faster Retail Actions updated!
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  18. casmar
  19. Nightvyxen
    having a Relaxful day and creating.. yep its my birthday so why shouldn't everyone celebrate it right =P
  20. Maromarunz
    Hello all yes im back haven't had much to do of late so ive gotten bored and well what is a better time then this to start with CC again! :D