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  1. Crystal-Moore
    Hello! I've been here for a year and I haven't even said a thing. So you could say I'm a little new here at Simsworkshop. How is everyone?
  2. mummy_001
    mummy_001 Simstopics
    Hi, i have not played Sims 4 in 12 months and am in the process of updating all the mods i use. I can not seem to find your free perks mods, have you discontinued them?
  3. Simstopics
    My mods are fine with today's patch, no update needed.
  4. Agustino
    Espero que te guste
  5. plasmafruitsalad
    hi there~
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    2. Josh
      Hi there!!!
      Jul 7, 2018
  6. rachelsimblr
    rachelsimblr SMagGeorge
    Hello! I love the grocery mod so much, but unfortunately, it's causing my game to freeze/crash. I've downloaded the updated version and I have no idea what to do. I really love this mod in my game and I hate not being able to use it.
  7. KaiSimsCC
    Posted new Resource: Career
  8. Simstopics
    Will be uploading updated versions of my mods again (depending the mod) since S4S updated again with the new Seasons EP resources.
    1. Simstopics
      Meaning you only need to redownload if you have Seasons installed and want the extra part of the mod. (Children/Toddler dying of freezing/heat request) that'll be the only one reuploaded.
      Jun 22, 2018
  9. Simstopics
    All of my mods will need an update EXCEPT for Bad Grades are OK and Employees Stay 24 Hours! I will update the others later today after work
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    2. Starry Might
      Starry Might
      Thanks for the info. Your Walkstyles and Homework mods continued to work fine between your last post and this one, by the way. ^_^
      Jun 20, 2018
    3. Simstopics
      Yeah, just a little bit of the coding changed on them to accommodate something for people who will have the Seasons EP, so this will make sure it doesn't cause them issues whenever they install the pack :)
      Jun 20, 2018
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  10. KaiSimsCC
    KaiSimsCC Jewel16
    Thank you for your comment :)
  11. KayBlast_2
    The Sims might be a game that won't be outdated anytime soon :D
    1. Josh
      would be interesting to see how that would play out in the next five years... or if there will be a sims 5.
      May 26, 2018
  12. KaiSimsCC
    ~Sim 3 and 4 Custom Content Creator~
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  13. KaiSimsCC
    Creating skin cc...
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  14. catsblob
    summer break is coming up in a month so please wait until then for my bigger projects~!
  15. Sammyalle
    ALRIGHT, WHOS READY FOR my downloads C:
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    2. Josh
      post them already!
      Apr 12, 2018
  16. k-hippie
    Sad when communities are more into rules than sharing. Glad there are alternatives *wink* *wink* ;)
  17. deathbywesker
  18. Simstopics
    My mods don't need updated with yesterday's (3/20) patch!
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  19. emily909
  20. k-hippie
    Ready for more Floors and Walls Weekend Galore ?! Bunch coming up !