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May 4, 2017
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United States

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New Member, Male, from United States


Semi-hiatus Mar 23, 2018

    1. deathbywesker
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    United States
    Hi it's me deathbywesker, my real name is Vincent.
    • Gaymer, loves Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil and there other games but those are my top 3 faves
    • I'm more of a sim maker than I am a content creator (I only know how to recolor things and make tattoos)
    • I make both male and female sims but mostly male sims, and gaming sims
    • My username: Nina's Death by Degrees (never played it) + RE's Albert Wesker = deathbywesker
    • My top 3 fave sims: Gladiolus, Ada Wong, and Torik (my satyr, an original sim and my avatar)

    You can find some of my sims in the gallery under the user id:death_by_wesker or you can find them by using the hashtags #deathbywesker/ #shinyjynx. Feel free to use them for whatever you want, credits are optional.

    My tou's for my gaming sims are a little different. Feel free to do whatever you want with them, but do not re-upload and do not claim them as your own. If you use them you can tag me by using #deathbywesker or #shinyjynx. My gaming sims are available on this site, Loverslab, and The Gallery, but please choose one place to download them from.
    Keep in mind, I won't be sharing all of my gaming sims, only some of them and I don't/won't take requests. (My time is limited and it also takes time to make each sim look as accurate as possible to the original character design.)*

    Resource List: *This is what all or most of my sims use.*
    *Before you download, you need a software that can open/read PDF files. I use Adobe Acrobat Reader*

    *I'll be taking a break from the the sims but I'll still be around to answer questions/help if you have any trouble with my downloads.*

    *If you're interested and want to g@me with me, I'll be here:*
    Discord: deathbywesker#1610 (it's new and I'm new to this, Idk hao 2 du iht yet.)
    PSN: stardust020 (ps4/ps3) (I don’t use or have a headset, most of my games are single player only.)
    Nintendo account/3ds: shinyjynx/ 2724-2483-6021
    (Mostly Pokemon & Smash Bros.)
    *Let me know if you add me/request me.*
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