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3 Paintings – ClassiK Free Art 1

Here is our hommage to Kasimir Malevich ( beginning of 20th century )

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration
    Additional Requirements:
    The object is available as a career reward. To get it without the career ( and all other rewards ), you’ll need a mod. We suggest BuildBuyMod Unlocker by scripthoge. Simply put the zip in your Mods folder and you are good to go !

    Abstract art isn’t present enough in the Sims 4. Here is our hommage to Kasimir Malevich ( beginning of 20th century )
    3 individual paintings that you can combine in beautiful triptych or diptych. Paintings have a canvas texture and tapestry nails on the sides. Now, that’s what we call real objects :) The canvas texture might look heavy, it is a choice we made so it can be seen from afar. At least you don’t need to zoom in to see every details.

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a pure clone of a Maxis object …

    imago-painting02-0.jpg imago-painting02-1.jpg imago-painting02-2.jpg imago-painting02-3.jpg imago-painting02-4.jpg imago-painting02-5.jpg imago-painting02-6.jpg imago-painting02-7.jpg