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7 Wood Floors - NeoWood - volume 2 2016-05-22

They are wooden floors, toned colours. The Gothik's are not the only one to have nice floors around

  1. k-hippie
    Floor Type:
    • Wood
    hippie-k-floor-neowood-v2-01.jpg hippie-k-floor-neowood-v2-02.jpg hippie-k-floor-neowood-v2-03.jpg hippie-k-floor-neowood-v2-04.jpg hippie-k-floor-neowood-v2-05.jpg hippie-k-floor-neowood-v2-06.jpg hippie-k-floor-neowood-v2-07.jpg

    Arrowed or inconjunction patterns, choose the name you prefer but this style of NeoWood is good to give a little humpf to your place. Pretty sure the Gothik’s would love them. A bit classy, something that tells right away to your visitor that you paid the craftsman and that every lamella was put there by hand … As you can see : something humble, definitely :D

    We did it only with light tones, in purpose to bring a discrete floor which doesn’t override your decoration and your sims home ! ;)

    All seamless, in every direction.

    Date of Release : May 21st 2016
    Expansions : Base Game
    Contains : 1 combined package
    Category : Build > Floor > Wood
    Price : 3§