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Women's Akane Li Mohr 2016-06-21

One of The Blueberry Legacies spares from generation 2

  1. Weepingsimmer
    • Young Adult
    Update: 06/16/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version
    Additional Requirements:
    // Skin // Skin Overlay 1 & 2 // Freckles // Moles // Teeth // Eyes // Eye Specular Remover // Default Feet // Eyelashes // Hair // Eyebrows // Lipstick // Eyeliner // Faceshine //

    Everyday - // Dress // Earring (??) // Nails //
    Formal - // Dress // Shoes //
    Athletic - // Top // Bottom // Shoes //
    Sleep - // Top (harness bra collection) // Bottom //
    Party - // Dress // Shoes //
    Swimwear - // Swimsuit //

    I got a request a while ago to upload the Blueberry Spares, well, they mostly wanted Florence but yeah. You’re getting all of them, even Atria!

    This one is Akane, she has too many romantic partners I can’t keep track. She’s pretty clever but doesn’t do much, she can also sleep anywhere.

    TOU: I don’t really have any, just don’t be mean to her. Feel free to tag me her if you use her in your game, or use her as base.

    Also please let me know if I’ve made a mistake with a link or something!