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Women's Amathea Bree 2016-02-27

A sim I made for the 29 days of sim making challenge ~ Day 5 (Supernatural)

  1. Weepingsimmer
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    PC Version / Mac Version
    Additional Requirements:
    CC used: Skin by Simsperience (nr 58-60), Skindetail by MsBlue, Teeth by Haneco, Contacts by Xukra, Hair by Littlecakes, Warpaint by Necroberrysims, Eyelashes by Kijiko, Piercing by me (will be out soon), Mermaid Ears by Jennisims, Fish Scales by Nenpy, Nails by Pralinesims, Dress by Toksik (but I cant find it anymore), everything else by EA.

    I made her for the 29 days of sim making challenge and she is day 5: Supernatural.
    She’s a mermaid and her name is Amathea Bree. You can do whatever you want with her. Eat sims maybe?
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