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Women's Belladonna Recolor 2016-01-30

a recolor of Rusty's Sweater Dress.

  1. Nilla
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    Clothing Style:
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    • Outfits
    Additional Requirements:
    a simple recolor of Rusty's cool new sweater dress in eversims colors, solids, black skirt, and white skirt :). Enjoy!
    Also, you guys! Tag me when you use my cc, it makes my heart warm to see my creations in your games! if you do please tag #nilla nillacc
    Belladonna.png 01-30-16_10-49-18 AM.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Annabellee25
    Version: 2016-01-30
    Love these!great colours
    1. Nilla
      Author's Response
      tysm Annabelle! <3 I love you're new valentine dresses sm!!