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Unisex Beneghalis Facial Markings Recolor 2.0

60 Swatches / Standalone / Custom Thumbnail / BGC / All Ages / Unisex / Tattoo & Facepaint

  1. Weepingsimmer
    • Toddler
    • Child
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    PC Version / Mac Version

    I absolutely love these facial tattoos by litttlecakes and I just had to recolor them in more colors! They’re so damn cute!

    - I’ve updated them for the 06/02/2016 patch, and I’ve also updated the thumbnails.
    - 13th Mars 2017 I updated the thumbnails, the previews and removed the additional swatches version but added a facepaint version for all ages & genders.

    • Custom thumbnail
    • Standalone
    • Tattoo & Facepaint
    • Original by litttlecakes
    • 60 Swatches
    • Unisex
    Credit: palettes by: Holosprite, Peachandherpan, Pooklet & Wildlyminiaturesandwich

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  1. Beneghalis Facial Markings Recolor