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Castaway Survival Toilet Beta

WIP (the DST images are blank grey)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Bathroom
    The toilet bowl doesn't contain water *due to my own error I'm sure*,.....
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    but upon examining the back of the toilet, it really doesn't look like it *would* hold water! So I am not going to try to correct that. Water does show up in the bowl when it is flushed tho. :)
    Awesome design for the waste disposal huh? LOL!

Recent Reviews

  1. Crystal Cummings
    Crystal Cummings
    Version: Beta
    can i tell you how much i love that this rustic little thing has better attributes than the average ea toilet?
    1. BigUglyHag
      Author's Response
      :D I totally love the rustic looking stuff in my game!