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Counter x9 – Vault Module Island 2

We don’t speak here about quick and dirty recolours, but true surface recolours

  1. k-hippie
    • Kitchen & Appliances

    We are proud to present you a bit more difficult object recolour : The Vault Module Island Counter.
    The Vault Module Island Counter is surely one of the less ugly Maxis object of the Sims 4 … So, we didn’t have to recolour it from the ground ( it will come later indeed ) as we are currently working on other counters but we think these new recolours are ok.

    The recolours work fine with all different positions of The Vault Module Island Counter ( corner, left, right, center, inside, outside, etc … ) We have made 3 different packages :

    • 3x Nature Wood
    • 3x Coloured Wood
    • 3x Tainted Wood
    A total of 9 recolours

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a pure clone of a Maxis object …


    1. imago-vault-woodcolour-01.jpg
    2. imago-vault-woodcolour-02.jpg
    3. imago-vault-woodcolour-03.jpg
    4. imago-vault-woodcolour-04.jpg
    5. imago-vault-woodnature-01.jpg
    6. imago-vault-woodnature-02.jpg
    7. imago-vault-woodnature-03.jpg
    8. imago-vault-woodnature-04.jpg
    9. imago-vault-woodtainted-01.jpg
    10. imago-vault-woodtainted-02.jpg
    11. imago-vault-woodtainted-03.jpg
    12. imago-vault-woodtainted-04.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ceres
    Version: 1
    These are so epic and awesome! I love the worn and colorful counter tops!!! You rock, thank you for making and sharing this!!!
    1. k-hippie
      Author's Response
      Years later only do I finally notice this review. THANK YOU :D