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Designer Set 1 Anthropologie 1.0

Making rooms shiny

  1. Rachel's Sim Stuff
    • Textiles & Rugs
    Decided to create a series to help keep myself somewhat organised rather than just doing directionless recolors and creations.

    I wish I could upload all the photos but tumblr would have a fit unfortunately.

    The first in the set is the rug, which comes in 10 different styles.


    1. tumblr_nry21kvKTU1uyz8pjo1_1280.jpg
    2. tumblr_nry21kvKTU1uyz8pjo2_1280.png
    3. tumblr_nry21kvKTU1uyz8pjo4_1280.png
    4. tumblr_nry21kvKTU1uyz8pjo7_1280.png
    5. tumblr_nry21kvKTU1uyz8pjo8_1280.png
    6. tumblr_nry21kvKTU1uyz8pjo10_1280.png
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