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Unisex Devilish Grim Reaper 1.0

a full overide to the grim reaper to have a more devilish look

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    • Outfits
    note:this cc will override the full grim costume ,his scythe and the slablet (there will be a new normal in the pack)
    06-26-16_10-12-42 AM.png
    description : i didn't like how the reaper looked so i decided to change his look to something more different he now wear a new color ,yup red, he also have skull instead of having an empty black space ,the last thing i ass to his costume is wings (the costume is inspired by the sims medieval grim)
    i also removed the freezer bunny and the book on his waist.
    06-26-16_10-11-51 AM.png
    changes :
    1>i replaced the slablet he use with book ( i hate him using the slablet)
    note:if you already own a slablet in your house it will be replaced by the book just sell that book and there will be new slablet in the store)
    06-26-16_10-09-46 AM.png

    2>the grim reaper scythe is now bigger and have a different texture
    06-26-16_10-14-03 AM.png
    grim back:
    06-26-16_10-10-15 AM.png

    that's all have fun

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    Version: 1.0
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      Author's Response
      thank you <3