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Doll toys unlocked 1.0

5 debug toys unlocked and made playable

  1. G1G2.
    • Children
    so i found this dolls in hidden in the debug part so i decided to unlock them and edit them so they act as normal small toys
    there are 5 new dolls all have one color and all found on the children category
    have fun :)

    02-28-16_5-57-30 AM.png
    02-28-16_5-36-26 AM.png 02-28-16_5-40-42 AM.png


    1. 02-25-16_3-11-40 AM.png
    2. 02-25-16_3-11-40 AM.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. praying_dove
    Version: 1.0
    A huge thank you! :)