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Harvestable New Fish 2018-02-13

Adds custom Harvestable Aquatic species to Fishing in the game.

  1. Leniad
    • Outdoor
    HarvestableNewFish1.jpg This was an idea inspired by another user wanting crab legs, so why not make crabs as a harvestable? So I did. This package will over-write the data for all Common 01 fishing spots in game (fishingData_Spot_GD_Common_01). It’s exactly the same EA data with 4 new “fish” to catch. I tested it extensively at the fishing spot behind Hallow Slough in Willow Creek, but assume it works at all the other common spots. I don’t have a current list of them, so go explore. J Poly count for 2 of them is higher than I would like, but the detail is lost with further decimation. Since you usually don’t leave them on the counter I don’t think it is a big deal. Inventory image of shrimp is odd, but the others look good, so I figure you can deal.

    Download adds the following custom items to the game.

    Crab----------- poly count 1184

    Shrimp----------- poly count 160

    Turtle----------- poly count 299

    Lobster----------- poly count 1610

    ---These items are caught like all normal EA fish and go into inventory
    --- These items are tagged as collectibles just like fish
    --- Can be used as a cooking ingredient in recipes (Custom recipes to come later)
    ---Not a buy option in catalog, just like other fish

    Requirement : Base game compatible

    Made with Game PC Version

    Conflicts: Should not conflict with any other mod


    -Sims 4 studio

    -Mara45123 (Crab Mesh)

    -Cadnav.com (Lobster and Turtle meshes)