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Women's Jill Ridley 2016-02-28

A sim I made for the 29 days of sim making challenge ~ Day 5 (Cowboy)

  1. Weepingsimmer
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    PC Version / Mac Version
    Additional Requirements:
    CC used: Skindetail by Nessasims, Default Eyes by Nessasims, Eyebrows by Heihu, Freckles by Simsontherope, Hair by KiaraZurk, Tanktop by Gohliad, Pants by Porcelain-warehouse, Piercing by Me, Blush by Notdissimilar, Face Shine by S4Models, everything else is by EA.

    This is Jill Ridley and I have no idea how a cowgirlboy looks like so I just made her??
    Anyways, feel free to do whatever you want with her! She's just a sim. A cute one, but a sim.
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