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K Elegant Plants - part 2- 4x3 sets 1

Ecologist ? Gardener ? Green thumb ? Greenhouse lurker ? Is green your favorite color ?

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration
    Don’t hide your plants anymore !

    Here comes 4 different plants :
    • 1 Agave
    • 1 Fern
    • 1 Yucca
    • 1 Elephantine
    Each plant comes in 3 sets, 21 different pot colors :)

    Which Sim can live without the green feeling of mother Nature ? Hiro can’t, that’s for sure :D wherever you Sim lives, Downtown or in the country side, give it these elegant plants for a more healthier and ecological life ;)

    No more shame to be a gardener, a plant lover, a greenhouse builder !

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and are based on 2 different maxis meshes which mixed together give a brand new mesh ! :)

    Every Texture has been carefully worked in 1024x1024px
    Each set has been made with care and love. So, what else ? :D

    Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
    Date of Release : July 1st 2016
    Size : 3.6Mb ( each set )
    Expansions : Base Game
    Contains : 2×3 combined package
    Category : Buy > Decoration > Plants
    Price : 100§

    Please note : this download only contains Fern and Yucca set !
    See part 1 for Agave and Elephantine set !

    khippie-imago-elegantplant-01.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-02.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-03.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-04.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-05.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-06.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-07.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-08.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-09.jpg khippie-imago-elegantplant-10.jpg