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K Photonik ( Sunny / Moonlight ) 15 Windows ( x 7 recolors ) - set 1 2

Windows, to look thru.

  1. k-hippie
    • Miscellaneous
    Creative Commons
    A room with a view.
    Or ... a room with multiple view as you can choose between different windows.
    Different styles and variations. Small window, bigger ones, with open and/or closed vatistas, etc ...
    Each in 7 colours of wood. 1 white and 6 shades from light brown to dark brown.

    4 sets of windows :
    • a small one
    • a thin one
    • a big one
    • a square one
    Each come with different variations :
    • grid
    • open and/or closed vatistas ( the smaller window on the upper section of the window ) - combination of both
    • grid-less
    Make your choice between the Sunny version and the Moonlight version :D
    • Sunny : without the grid in the window
    • Moonlight : with the grid in the window

    Exception of the thin ( 1x3 ) and the big ( 2x3 ) window because it takes the complete wall height, the 2 other ones are repositionable up to 3/4 positions.

    All these options make this set full of combinations for your house to have its own look !

    We saw 13pumkin's conversions ( from Pocci's work for the Sims 3 ) and it inspired us to make ( at laaaaast ) windows ( the thing we planned for a long time but never did ) :)

    The whole idea was to start from the ground ( to learn from the best ), to make new uv maps to get a good texture rendering, and to test all Maxis windows to see differences of behavior from one to another. Then, to add new windows to the original 4 ...

    We wanted plain windows, with AND without a grid, we wanted closed vatistas, we wanted to position them at different height. We used a different base object so the windows are repositionable, and added our usual 7 recolours of wooden texture. For once, that's not the most important, but the huge work of doing different windows with small details that make the different : open, close, grid or not, etc.

    These objects are new meshes, they don’t override anything, work fine in game, and the whole set is a modified version of the 13pumkin project :)

    Made with Sims4Studio and S4PE
    Category : Build > Windows
    Price : 150§

    k-photonik-window-01.jpg k-photonik-window-02.jpg k-photonik-window-03.jpg k-photonik-window-04.jpg k-photonik-window-05.jpg k-photonik-window-06.jpg k-photonik-window-07.jpg k-photonik-window-08.jpg k-photonik-window-09.jpg k-photonik-window-10.jpg k-photonik-window-11.jpg k-photonik-window-12.jpg k-photonik-window-13.jpg k-photonik-window-14.jpg k-photonik-window-15.jpg

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  1. piratezevelyn
    Version: 2
    these are really cute, can't wait to use them.