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Women's Lexa Nightblood 2016-02-24

A sim I made for the 29 days of sim making challenge ~ Day 2 (Raised in the jungle)

  1. Weepingsimmer
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    Additional Requirements:
    CC used:
    Skindetail by Ms Blue, Freckles by Simsontherope, Freckles by Sul-Sul, Eyebrows by Heihu, Eyelashes by Kijiko, Non Default Eyes by Nyloa, Hair by Wildlyminiaturesandwich, Face Shine by Screaming Mustard, Warpaint by Necroberrysims Septum by Leah Lillith, everything else is EA’s.

    This is Lexa Nightblood and she is based on Lexa from the tv series The 100, and she doesn't look like Lexa at all but oh well. I made her for the 29 days of sim making challenge. She is day 2.
    Feel free to do whatever you want with her, have her kiss girls such as Clarke... I don't know...
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