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Metal Door x12 – Build’n Doors – Metaaal ! 1

A bit grunge, a bit eccentric, a bit industrial

  1. k-hippie
    • Living Room
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    • Office
    • Outdoor
    • Dining

    Doors are opportunities, secrets, worlds … they are important, never neglect doors ! To help you with this, we had fun making twelve different styles. Details and realism as always :) A bit grunge, a bit eccentric, a bit industrial, you know, metallic doors for the rest of us ;)

    • Volume 1 ( 4 doors ) is about metallic textures and a bit of cold colours, total destroy ;)
    • Volume 2 ( 4 doors ) for the grunge inside of you. That’s the new cool. ;)
    • Volume 3 ( 4 doors ) Rust and industrial look. Look at the special danger door ;)
    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a pure clone of a Maxis object …

    Category : Build > Doors

    imagodoormetal01-vol1.jpg imagodoormetal01-vol2.jpg imagodoormetal01-vol3.jpg imagodoormetal02-vol1.jpg imagodoormetal02-vol2.jpg imagodoormetal02-vol3.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ceres
    Version: 1
    Holy smokes! These doors totally rocked my socks!!! Love the grit, grunge, and grime. Thank you for making and sharing these!