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Mr Bones Facepaint - Simblreen Gift 2016-10-08

26 Swatches / Standalone / Custom Thumbnail / BGC

  1. Weepingsimmer
    • Child
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder

    This is a facepaint, but I’ve also included a lipstick version.

    Update: December 1st 2016 - The facepaint version can now be used with any lipsticks.

    • Custom thumbnail
    • Standalone
    • Lipstick & Facepaint
    • 26 Swatches
    • Available for all genders & ages
    • Feel free to recolor just give credit
    • Don’t reupload
    • Don’t claim as your own
    Credit: palette by spooky-sims

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Recent Reviews

  1. maimouth
    Version: 2016-10-08
    you're amazing, you know that? <3
    1. Weepingsimmer
      Author's Response
      thank you oh my gosh!! ily