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Nightmares Mini Pose Pack 2016-10-09

A set of 4 poses for Sims having a rough night sleeping.

  1. WyattsSims
    Additional Requirements:
    For all poses, you'll need to download Andrew's Pose Player.
    Having trouble sleeping? Nightmares keeping you up at night? Sadly, your Sims feel the same! It's the Nightmares Mini Pack by WyattsSims.

    This pack was requested by @psychoticcoven. It is a set of 4 poses for Sims who are having a rough night sleeping.

    Sweetest dreams everyone!


    1. Header.png
    2. Pose 1.png
    3. Poses 2 3.png
    4. Pose 4.png

Recent Reviews

  1. 3lodiie26
    Version: 2016-10-09
    Thx !!!