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Men's Old Timey Band Jacket 1.0

Old timey band jacket for your male sims.

  1. Hagfisher
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    I need to work on making previews ahaha.

    Disabled for random


    Anyways I have a simple recolor of a base-game shirt, only it has been made to resemble an old-timey marching band jacket. One image is missing a black stripe but it's there in the download. Some of the lines on the jacket aren't 100% even but I haven't really done recolors before. I'll more than likely update this with even lines and differing insignia on the arms. This jacket needs to go with high-waist pants otherwise part of your sims belly will show. I might make a matching pair of pants.

    Add some spats and you got a spiffy lookin' sim.

    Just a warning: this outfit is for males only but if you can convert it for females by all means go ahead. I won't update it for females. If you do make a female version, I encourage you to upload it. Standard TOU applied.


    1. middle-finger-wallpaper4.jpg