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'Pablo Martinez is the New Black' posters 1.0

Small set of MaxisMatch posters featuring a male model in the style of 'Orange is the New Black'.

  1. The Paper Sim
    • Decoration
    Additional Requirements:
    It's based of the 'Still Life' filmposter that came with the 7th January patch (prior to Movie Hangout's release). So I think without that update, my posters don't work.
    BANNER copy.png

    After a while of silence, I present to you this set of posters! Most of you (if not all) do not know this sim, but Pablo Martinez was my contestant in a male modelling contest ('I'm The Man, Special Edition '15 '). As final entry I did a photoshoot based on Netflix' series 'Orange is the New Black'. Pablo wasn't the winning contestant, but we did have fun! c:

    1 copy.png

    - Maxis Match.
    - Decorative posters found under paintings.
    - Mesh by EA, read additional requirements.
    - 4 prints x 4 wooden frames = 16 swatches.
    - Custom thumbnail.
    - Search for '#ThePaperSim' in buy/build mode.

    Swatches + Description.png Search + Custom Thumbnail.png
    Versions copy.png

    I made these as I found there was a lack of actual sim-posters in my game, and are suited to my personal wishes. I do like sharing, so have them in your game if you wish! ♥

    Xoxo The Paper Sim
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