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Reclaimed Wooden Collection 1.0

Sofa Set with wall planters

  1. ThingsByDean
    • Living Room
    • Outdoor
    • Decoration
    Please ask before editing. Don't Upload elsewhere.
    03-10-16_7-20-50 PM.jpg 001.jpg Looking back over the last 7-8mths I’ve been making CC, I have learnt so much. So I decided to go over some of my first creations to bring them up to a scratch and make them into proper sets. I also wanted to make the textures a little more Maxis match. Hope you likey :)

    Package includes: (7 Fabric Swatches, 5 Wooden Swatches)
    1. Three Seater Sofa
    2. Love Seat
    3. Single Seat Arm Chair
    4. Huge Ass Coffee Table
    5. Wall Planter 1*
    6. Plain Box Shelf
    7. Wall Planter 2*
      (*Please note I would consider the wall planters to be high poly >1000)
    A huge thanks to the @sims4studioofficial team, who make creating CC for the sims 4 so accessible. Love you guys xx
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