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Sanguine Rose Accessory - 2K Followers Gift 2.0

65 Swatches / Standalone / Custom Thumbnail / BGC / New mesh

  1. Weepingsimmer
    Accessory Type:
    • Head Accessories

    There are 2 versions, one large and one small - the one pictured is the larger one.


    • New mesh
    • Custom thumbnail
    • Standalone
    • 65 Swatches
    • Hat Category
    • Unisex
    • Feminine & Masculine
    • Feel free to recolor just give credit
    • Don’t include the mesh
    • Don’t re upload
    • Don’t claim as your own

    Credit: EA, palette by bepixled

Recent Reviews

  1. Chase Ordonis
    Chase Ordonis
    Version: 2016-09-28
    Love LOVE this! I know I reblogged this on tumblr but I redownloaded just to put these five stars. Lovely.
    1. Weepingsimmer
      Author's Response
      Thank you omg!!
  2. maimouth
    Version: 2016-09-28
    yeeesssss!! ❤️