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Women's Selina & Jasmin Nevarez 2016-02-24

Two sims I made for the 29 days of sim making challenge ~ Day 3 (Twins)

  1. Weepingsimmer
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    Additional Requirements:
    CC used:
    Skindetail by Ms Blue, Skin by Simsperience (nr 58-60), Eyebrows by Heihu, Eyelashes by Kijiko, Tattoos by Simblier, Tattoos by Spellcasterr, Eyes (Facepaint) by Wildlyminiaturesandwich, Hair by Feathervoid, Face Shine by S4Models, Warpaint by Necroberrysims, Eyeliner by Screaming Mustard, Lipstick by Porcelain-Warehouse Shoes by Madlen, Shoes by Toksik, everything else is EA’s.
    (Apparently none of the outfits are available anymore?)
    I made these for the 29 days of sim making challenge and they're for day 3. Their names are Jasmine & Selina Nevarez. Do whatever you want with them!