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Shocked! Group & Individual Poses 2017-03-10

A set of 9 (technically 6) poses for shocked Sims.

  1. WyattsSims
    Image 1.png Image 2.png Image 3.png

    Shocked! Group & Indiviudal Pose Pack

    OH SNAP!

    Are you surprised? Astonished? SPEECHLESS??? WELL GOOD. This set of poses contains 9 (technically 6) poses for your Sims to show just how flabbergasted they really are.

    (The first 3 poses are small set intended for a group pose. You can set this up by placing 3 teleporters on top of one another.)

    For the poses to work, as always, you’ll need:

    - Teleport Any Sim
    - Andrew’s Pose Player