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Simstopics Adoption Costs $$$ 2.0

Not as easy to adopt (if you aren't a money cheater) ;)

  1. Simstopics
    02/02/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version -No update needed
    I always thought that the adoption cost was way to easy to achieve (without the money cheats) so I created 3 different flavors that you can use! Use only one flavor at a time. Do not install more than one .package file at a time!! If you want to switch flavors then simply remove one and replace it with the new one!!

    The three flavors you have to choose from is $5,000, $10,000 and $100,000. The default is $1000 to adopt. If you want to ever go back to this amount then you would simply delete the .package file from your Mods folder and when you start your game it will go back to default.

    adoption costs 10k.jpg

    Resources edited (will conflict with any other mod that edits this resource):
    • E882D22F!00000000!0000000000009F09.AdoptPickedChild.InteractionTuning
    • E882D22F!00000000!0000000000009F04.computer_adoption_picker.InteractionTuning
    To install: download and extract the .rar and put only one of the .package files into your Mods folder!

Recent Updates

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