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Simstopics Free/Half Priced Club Perks! 2.6

Who needs to work hard anyways?

  1. Update: 12/12/17 - PC / Mac

    Updated for the 12/12/17 - PC / Mac patch
  2. Updated to include Vet Club Perk!

    Now that Sims4Studio has been updated with the game resources from Cats & Dogs, I'm uploading Club Perks to include the new club perk for faster Vet skill training!

    You only need to redownload if you have Cats & Dogs installed or if you haven't updated since the November 7th patch!
  3. Pets Patch!

    Updated for the 11/7/2017 – PC / Mac patch
  4. Not necessary BUT if you have Parenthood pack

    The update for this is just to include the new parenting club perk if you have both Get Together and Parenthood packs! Otherwise you do not have to update if you don't want to!
  5. May 25th Patch

    Redownload for the May 25th patch!
  6. Please redownload to include the new Bowling Club Perk!

    The mod has been updated to include the bowling skill boost perk for clubs! Only install either the free or half priced version, NOT both!
  7. Just combining same mod/different flavor

    No need to re-download! Just combining my same mods but different flavors into one .rar file. (no longer will have multiple pages for the mods that do the same but just different flavor/price)

    From now on when you start downloading mods like this one for example when you extract the .rar you will have multiple .packages in one .rar, you will only use one flavor at a time (unless stated in the description that they can be used together)