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Simstopics No Emotional Deaths! 2.0

No more laughing yourself to death!

  1. Simstopics
    03/23/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version -No update needed
    I hate how you can laugh yourself to death or how you can be so mortified you just die or even get so angry they die! Well with this mod, that takes that feature away! Your sims can now be hysterical (or mortified/angry/etc) without risking death!

    no emotional deaths picture.jpg

    This mod will conflict with any mod that edits the resources:
    • S4_6017E896_00000000_0000000000003230 Mortified Hidden Buff
    • S4_6017E896_00000000_000000000000322B Hysterical Hidden Buff
    • S4_6017E896_00000000_0000000000003228 Enraged Hidden Buff
    • S4_6017E896_00000000_0000000000006AB8 Enraged Hidden Buff
    To install: download and extract the .rar and put the .package into your Mods folder!
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