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Simstopics Pregnancy Walkstyles Disabled 2.0

No more bent over backwards pregnant walkstyles!

  1. Simstopics
    01/12/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version -Update was needed
    By request over at MTS, I created a standalone mod for disabling the pregnancy walkstyles! Pregnant sims will now walk like a non-pregnant sim but you can still see their pregnant buffs and their pregnant bellies!

    pregnancy walkstyle disabled.jpg

    Note you can use this version with Pee Walkstyle Now Jog Standalone mod: http://simsworkshop.net/resources/simstopics-pee-walkstyle-now-jog-standalone.42/

    Note you can use this version with All Walkstyles Disabled mod: http://simsworkshop.net/resources/simstopics-all-walkstyles-disabled.41/

    Edited Resources for Pregnancy Walkstyles Disabled (any other mod that edits these will conflict together):
    • 6017E896!00000000!0000000000003112.buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2.BuffTuning
    • 6017E896!00000000!0000000000003113.buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3.BuffTuning
    • 6017E896!00000000!0000000000017C1E.buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2_HatesChildren.BuffTuning
    • 6017E896!00000000!0000000000017C1F.buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3_HatesChildren.BuffTuning
    • 6017E896!00000000!0000000000012607.buff_Pregnancy_InLabor.BuffTuning
    • 6017E896!00000003!0000000000019041.buff_Pregnancy_Trimester2_Male.BuffTuning
    • 6017E896!00000003!0000000000019042.buff_Pregnancy_Trimester3_Male.BuffTuning
    • 6017E896!00000003!000000000001903F.buff_Pregnancy_InLabor_Male.BuffTuning

    To install: download and extract the .rar and put the .package into your Mods folder!

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