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Simstopics Walkstyles Override 2.9

This disables all the walkstyles except for pee/pregnancy walks (standalone versions for those!)

  1. Redownload if you have Get Famous installed

    This is only needed if you have Get Famous EP installed as it now includes the celebrity walkstyle that was added with the Expansion Pack!
  2. 11/13/2018 - PC / Mac

    Please re-download for the Get Famous 11/13/2018 - PC / Mac patch

    Only file that needed updated is the ALL Walkstyles Disabled. Pee Now Jog and Pregnancy Walks Disabled are fine.
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  3. Seasons Pre Patch Update

    Update: 06/19/2018 - PC / Mac
  4. Patch Update

    Updated for Update: 2/22/2018 - PC / Mac
  5. Update: 12/12/17 - PC / Mac

    Updated for the 12/12/17 - PC / Mac patch
  6. Pets Patch!

    Updated for the 11/7/2017 – PC / Mac patch
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  7. Parenthood + File Name change! Important you read please!

    I have renamed the SimstopicsPeeWalkstyleNowJogStandalone file to just SimstopicsPeeWalkstyleNowJog and SimstopicsPregnancyWalkstylesDisabledStandalone to SimstopicsPregnancyWalksDisabled so when you download this version you need to first delete the two files with the "Standalone" in the title. I've changed this since if you read the mod's description you'll see that its a mix and match and that should be self explanatory now.

    I've also updated the ALL Walkstyles Disabled to include the...
  8. May 25th Patch

    Redownload for the May 25th patch!
  9. Update Needed!

    Please redownload for the 04/13/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version patch! Thanks!
  10. Just combining same mod/standalone files

    No need to re-download! I'm just combining the 3 walkstyle mods into one .rar file instead of having 3 different pages to maintain! You can download the .rar now and mix and match these files or use all 3 together. Always read the description to see which of my mods are mix and match and which ones you'd have to choose one flavor!