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Unisex St. Patrick's Day Photoshop Palette 2018-03-13

8 swatch palette of green shades inspired by St. Patrick's Day

  1. LadyLorelai
    • Toddler
    • Child
    • Teen
    • Young Adult
    • Adult
    • Elder
    Hair Type:
    • Regular Hair
    • Facial Hair
    Additional Requirements:
    Must have Photoshop or other photo editor that recognizes .atn files
    Pooklet's Project Mayhem Actions Palette
    As St. Patrick's Day is coming up, I decided to make a color palette in different shades of green!​

    I personally think these are great for hair recolors, but you can really use them for any kind of recolor or creation you want!

    How To Use:
    1. Download the .rar file above.
    2. Unzip and open the .atn file in Photoshop
    3. Open your Actions Panel and you should see the following folder: St. Patrick's Day Palette (LadyLorelai)
    4. Recolor as you normally would with actions (if you don't know how, I highly recommend watching videos on YouTube)

    IMPORTANT: To fully get the effects desired from these colors, you will need to first apply a base layer of color with Pooklet's Project Mayhem actions palette, which can be found here:

    Step 1: Apply the [BASE] color, found in Natural Colors
    Step 2: Apply the Platinum White color, found in Unnatural Colors
    Step 3: Apply shade from my St. Patrick's Day palette and voila!

    Any issues, please message me!


    1. spd small.png