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Sympxls LBS Bedding Set 2016-10-13

2 Comforters & $ Pillow Sets for your sims beds

  1. Sympxls
    • Bedroom
    Sympxls LBS Bedding Set ~ a conversion from TS3 to TS4

    6 new meshes for TS4! 2 Comforters & 4 Pillow Sets. Original mesh made for TS3 by here.

    ***** WARNING ***** HIGH POLY MESHES *****


    Down Comforter | v.11093 p.21354

    Down Comforter 2 | v.18031 p.21477

    Four Flat Pillows | v.12728 p.13959

    Four Simple Pillows | v.13704 p.14043

    Stacked Pillows | v.6177 p.11311

    Two Simple Pillows | v.6402 p.7000

    1 swatch each. Found in comfort/double bed category. Custom thumbnails.

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