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Tumblr Wall Package 1.0

10 Different Wallpapers

  1. Rachel's Sim Stuff
    Wall Type:
    • Paint
    • Wallpaper
    There’s about 10 different wallpapers. They’re far from perfect but I’m so happy I can finally start creating things for this community - I’ve been wanting to do it for so long.

    Any feedback you guys have would be awesome.

    tumblr_inline_nr76wuUcW41twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77fh926a1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77fjce2p1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77gkuLZB1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77hfXaRv1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77idWkiG1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77jcUJf11twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77kiZrDg1twf1ep_500.png tumblr_inline_nr77l1TFVs1twf1ep_500.png

    Sofa: http://mangosims2.free.fr/
    Book Shelf: http://veranka-s4cc.tumblr.com/
    Sidetable: http://dreamteamsims.tumblr.com/
    Flowers & Candle: http://omorfi-mera.tumblr.com/
    Wooden Floor & Coffee Table: http://peacemaker-ic.tumblr.com/
    Plant: http://sims.alachie.com/
    Rug: http://hvikis.tumblr.com/