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Untattered Double Curtains V1 1.0

Less spooky curtains.

  1. eightysixsims
    • Decoration
    • §185
    • Catalog thumbnails
    • Custom thumbnails
    • 20 pattern and color combinations
    Terms of Use
    • Do not claim as your own.
    • Do not upload anywhere else without asking, please. No exceptions.
    • Feel free to recolor but do not include the mesh.
    • Do not upload recolors behind pay sites such as adfly.
    • Made using Sims 4 Studio and Photoshop CS6
    • BASE GAME COMPATIBLE; you do not need to own Spooky Stuff.
    • This is an edited mesh from Spooky Stuff. I removed the spikes on the curtain rod and edited out the tattered bits.
    • Patterns are from a number of sources.
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