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Welcome to SimsWorkshop!

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It has only been four days since our first official announcement and launch of SimsWorkshop.

In four days, the excitement about the SimsWorkshop from both creators, modders, and users has been louder than ever. The support on social media has been mind blowing. We're glad to launch such a service because it makes the community even better - it helps connects the talent with people seeking the talent.

Let's do a quick statistics as of today:
  • 70+ New Members
  • 69 Sims 4 Custom Content Pieces
  • 12 Sims 4 Mods
And we're not done yet. We're going to keep pressing forward. We refuse to settle because we know deep down, we're making an impact on the community. We have even motivated a few individuals who neglected their download areas to put a little tender loving care into it. And at the end of the day - we're doing what we set out to do: making the community even better.

We believe in engaging the community to find out how to make the community even better. We believe in designing sites and technology to deliver the best overall experience. We believe in partnering with experts and playing to your, and their, strengths. We believe in never compromising and offering a smarter, greater value to the community through innovation, innovative designs, and a community-first strategy.

#NeverSettle Let's make the community better...
Dear Creators, Developers, and Modders,

Are you burned out from emails from fans telling you your custom content download links are broken? Are you tired of receiving emails that you have exceeded your daily or monthly bandwidth/resource allotment from your storage provider? Are you annoyed at the fact that you have to maintain dozens of free accounts to support your custom content?

Or, are you simply just frustrated that people can’t find your work despite all the advertising you do on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and the Official Forums?

Creators, Developers, Modders, we completely understand your frustrations. We are tired of it too. We want you to stop receiving unwanted emails and take away the burden of fixing broken links. We are tired of unexpected notices telling you that you’re using too much bandwidth or resources.

We want to you to focus on what’s important: Having fun playing with life. Playing The Sims.

That means not on unnecessary, repetitive maintenance.

For that very reason, we built SimsWorkshop. We have brought together some of the brightest minds under one roof to let you focus on what is really important. We created a place that takes away the headaches of running a custom content site. Here at SimsWorkshop we believe we have the ideal solution to your problems:
  • No more broken links! We never delete your resources because it is not being utilized.
  • We have virtually unlimited disk space and bandwidth at our disposal. Our partnership with SimGames.net guarantees we have more than enough disk space and resources to power SimsWorkshop. With SimGames.net operating its own data center, we can readily provision additional servers as we grow. SimGames.net has been operating since 1999 offering commercial grade hosting to fansites.
  • You only need one account. One account to help you organize everything. Only one account where you can upload, and share your...