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In the 11 months SimsWorkshop has been online, never in our wildest dreams did we expect to become a cornerstone and go to place for custom content for the Community. We realized 3 months in that we would be exceeding our initial design scope on the server we were on within another 9 months, and from there, it would be nothing but challenges for the Community.

Int he last 6 months, we began accelerating our plans to modernize the server we were using as well as planning out a massive migration process as soon as everything was available.

That opportunity presented itself this week as everything we needed became available, including time, personnel, and servers.

Over the last 48 hours, we migrated the entire SimsWorkshop to a brand new server at Steadfast Networks. We have been doing nonstop tuning to give visitors the best experience possible.

We are pleased to say the migration was a huge success, and all the planning done made the transition as smooth as possible with only a few short hours of downtime. We have also taken advantage of the downtime to enhance security of this website even further. Going forward from today, every page you visit at SimsWorkshop is protected by HTTPS. It is the same security used by banks, financial situations, and online shopping websites like Amazon.

We hope you enjoy the many improvements made to your Sims experience - both in game and here at SimsWorkshop.
Courtesy of @SimsVIP

The complete trailer will be released tomorrow, September 13, 2016.