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Welcome to SimsWorkshop!

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We are gearing up Challenges here at SimsWorkshop! Every few months, we will be ramping up a challenge in which we will be challenging YOU: The Community.

We want to see your best custom content inspired by a theme SimsWorkshop or the Community will be selecting :). We will be featuring Custom Content Each Week during the Month of September!

Every so often, we will give away a surprise present to the Custom Content Creators who best designs custom content that best represents the theme.

Our first, September 2016 theme is:

"New Adventures and New Journeys in the Fall"

We're going to be scheduling some maintenance for the streams area to redo how we query Twitch for streams. The added benefit is that we will be adding even more streams quicker and faster to our platform.

The maintenance period should take about five hours on June 9th at 1AM GMT.