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  1. teesandteas
    i might post my first shirt which is a gudetama shirt, i hope it looks good on your sims!
  2. k-hippie
    Slight interruption in the program to go find files for the K-505 Terrains Mod ...
  3. k-hippie
    Off for now. Pff, only 14 on 66 done ... Errr. This will take me the full week.
  4. k-hippie
    Yes, it is again an update of ressources. Expect new photos, new files and new names. Because.
  5. Wanona Measheaw
  6. VanillaKilla
    VanillaKilla Simstopics
    Hey just wondering if you will be updating the faster homework mod since we have Uni again?? Thanks!!
  7. misstapya
    Hello. New to your community.
  8. Angelchan
    I'm a Sim Gamer
  9. Sandy Fisher
    Sandy Fisher
    Hi All, My Origin/EA username is DP_JungleJulia and I've been a Simmer since 2014. I have The Sims 1,2,3 & 4. I use mods and CC.
  10. Wanona Measheaw
    Wanona Measheaw
    Going to begin posting content here again!
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  11. smmsek
    1. BigUglyHag
      Awww! I do like those, but she does not want her meshes to be converted to Sims 4. :( https://mortia.tumblr.com/tou
      I will see if I can make something similar.
      Aug 20, 2019
  12. Nightvyxen
    I have plans to update 3 of my old CC content regarding to walls.. If you follow my tumblr you know Which three..
  13. QueerOfRock
    whats up im leo and im dying
  14. catsblob
    i'm officially retiring! all of my mods will stay up and not be updated. if any breaks, you have full permission to update it yourself!
  15. ebonyx
    ebonyx BigUglyHag
    I love all of your cc!! I really wish the appliances were usable off-the-grid so we can really live like prehistoric times!
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    2. BigUglyHag
      I'm glad you like my CC! :D I'm sorry I don't know how to make the appliances usable off the grid. :(
      Jul 3, 2019
  16. Nightvyxen
    Updated my hair retexture for Parallel, NEW VERSION 3.0 enjoy! In process of updating files & will have a few more surprises also.
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  17. Lucid0ll
  18. Nightvyxen
    Time to create some ..Shirts!
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  19. BigUglyHag
    BigUglyHag Selise
    Welcome! :D
  20. Mister Nosis
    Mister Nosis Simstopics
    Hello! Whatever happened to the Teen Skinny Dip mod? I’ve been trying to track it or one similar down and it seems it’s been deleted from everywhere.
    1. Simstopics
      I stopped supporting mine since the feature was available with DP's MCC mod. I no longer mod, I passed my mods to Scarlet since I'm focused on other games and projects.
      Feb 22, 2019