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清霜童子 Chinese Bed Frame 中式床架 Beta.01

WIP (the DST images are blank grey)

  1. BigUglyHag
    • Bedroom
    Contact 清霜童子/Qingshuangtongzi if you wish to use his works: https://www.mtsims-cakestore.com/%E4%BD%BF%E7%94%A8%E9%A1%BB%E7%9F%A5-policy-faq/
    So, how much can you expect from a blonde that was born backwards??? (I did this wrong too.) This bed should only have one *grand entry* but I felt the need to duplicate it on the other side so both sides look the same. I really like this bed so will probably convert the original version of it too.
    04-16-17_8-09-35 PM.png 04-16-17_8-08-18 PM.png

    get the wallpaper from Qingshuangtongzi.
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    Version: Beta.01