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10 Fantastic Artworks and Where to Find Them – set 1 1

There is also a wondrous world across the ocean. As dangerous and as mysterious.

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration
    khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-01.jpg khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-02.jpg khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-04.jpg khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-05.jpg khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-06.jpg khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-07.jpg khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-08.jpg khippie-fantastik-artz-set1-09.jpg

    From another time and another country, get the look and feel of the American Magical World with these 10 artworks directly from the great episode of the Obscurus in New York City in 1926 !

    American wizards were also under the spell of the speakeasy movement even if they were even more hidden than any clandestine bar in the whole country !

    These artworks are beautiful for any lover of Alfons Mucha’s Art Nouveau style, there’s a bit of magic included ;)
    Big names or beautiful quotes for a bit of fantasy and an historical page from The New York Ghost or the MACUSA logo for a more institution look. In all case, they look stunning and are plain artworks for any No-Maj around. 10 artworks, mix and match, they won’t mismatch !

    Some landlords are way too restrictive … They have also come in the leaning version, so you can look too cool to hang frames on the wall.

    They say wizards should not be seen by No-Maj, but you know, No-Maj don’t see anything, but if you jab them with a fork, they feel it! :D

    These objects are new meshes, they don’t override anything and work fine in game :)

    Contains : 2 combined package
    Category : Buy > Decoration > Paintings / Sculptures
    Polygones : 142
    Price : 400§