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10 Paintings – classiKa – volume 5 2018-04-07

Norman Rockwell, James Whistler, Vincent van Gogh, Le Douanier Rousseau, Claude Monet, Winslow Homer

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration
    k-classikartz-01-normanrockwell.jpg k-classikartz-02-whistler.jpg k-classikartz-03-vangogh.jpg k-classikartz-04-vangogh.jpg k-classikartz-05-douanierrousseau.jpg k-classikartz-06-claudemonet.jpg k-classikartz-07-winslow.jpg k-classikartz-08-winslow.jpg k-classikartz-09-winslow.jpg k-classikartz-10-douanierrousseau.jpg

    Sure, impressionists are impressive and there is no way to say if one day we’ll be over the classiKa series, but we do know that this series is a nice mix of impressionists, naive and landscape paintings. Nature is beautifully complex, the following masterpieces are showing this complexity skillfully. One can only be mute before such artworks.

    Artists in the spotlight :

    • “The Problem We All Live With” Norman Rockwell
    • “Arrangement en gris et noir no 1” James Whistler
    • “Les iris” and “L’Oliveraie” Vincent van Gogh
    • “La Charmeuse de serpents” and “The Jungle – Tiger Attacking a Buffalo Painting”Le Douanier Rousseau
    • “Effet d’automne à Argenteuil” Claude Monet
    • “The Blue Boy” “Northeaster” and “The Cotton Pickers” Winslow Homer
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    Made with S4Studio and SimsPE.
    Date of Release: April 7th, 2018
    Size : 5,9mo
    Expansions: Base Game
    Contains: 1 combined package
    Category : Buy > Decorations > Paintings
    Price: 1000§
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