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202 Terrains Replacement 1

It covers all cities ( Oasis Spring, Granite Falls, Magnolia Promenade, Newcrest, Winde

  1. Rock Texture Replacement - Oktober Update

    hippie-rocky-update-oktober-01.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-02.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-03.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-04.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-05.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-06.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-07.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-08.jpg

    A new update within our big 202 terrains replacement bundle !

    One day we launched our game and suddenly, rocks had disappeared ! *gasp of horror*
    It seemed like EA made an update and our files weren’t recognized anymore. We went back to work and updated the set.

    Head over the 202 terrains replacement page and download the new file :)
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