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202 Terrains Replacement 1

It covers all cities ( Oasis Spring, Granite Falls, Magnolia Promenade, Newcrest, Winde

  1. Rock Texture Replacement - Oktober Update

    hippie-rocky-update-oktober-01.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-02.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-03.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-04.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-05.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-06.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-07.jpg hippie-rocky-update-oktober-08.jpg

    A new update within our big 202 terrains replacement bundle !

    One day we launched our game and suddenly, rocks had disappeared ! *gasp of horror*
    It seemed like EA made an update and our files weren’t recognized anymore....
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