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42 Addendum Floor Paints 2

This set is to make your world look more natural

  1. k-hippie
    All - Everything - You are good :)

    Looking for something more ? Having more grassy needs ? We got you covered with 2 addendum packages of 21 files each. Some colours seem close to one another. It is intended that way. This set is to make your world look more natural and gives you more subtle colours to play with light, shadow and variations.

    Since those floor paints are in addition, you can have them with any other files :)

    Be the master of your terrains and lots !

    **To get the second packages, go to Tech Hippie website :) **

    Doesn’t override the game files, works fine in game …

    k-ground-addendum-02.jpg k-ground-addendum-03.jpg k-ground-addendum-04.jpg k-ground-addendum-05.jpg k-ground-addendum-06.jpg k-ground-addendum-07.jpg k-ground-addendum-08.jpg k-ground-addendum-09.jpg k-ground-addendum-10.jpg k-ground-addendum-11.jpg k-ground-addendum-12.jpg k-ground-addendum-13.jpg k-ground-addendum-14.jpg k-ground-addendum-15.jpg
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