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7 … x3 = 21 K Artworks – volume 1 1

Different styles for different atmospheres, still all giving a calm and cozy atmosphere

  1. k-hippie
    • Decoration

    Here comes a complete pack of Artworks ( maxis ode to Jazz recolours ) in various styles. 7 series of 3 artworks : all different ( of course ), 21 artworks based on Maxis Ode to Jazz, a vertical and narrow painting. It was an interesting challenge and we are quite please with the result. We hope you are too :)

    The frame had special attention, giving it a feel of real wooden frame. You’ll notice that there is 3 different colour frames. Yay ! This is Volume 1. We have not planned yet the volume 2 but it will come :D

    7 series of 3 artworks : pick the ones you want ( or all of them ;) ) They have different names for different themes :)

    • Abstract Serie
    • Diko Serie
    • Fifty Serie
    • Geeky Serie
    • India Serie
    • Metro Serie
    • World Serie
    Different styles for different atmospheres, still all giving a calm and cozy atmosphere of high intellectual ( or not … ) living Sims ;)
    Geek sims, artistic sims, urban sims, travelers sims, writers, foreign sims, will find artworks to decorate their walls that reflect their lifestyle.
    Pop-art and acid colours for different styles, combine in two different packages. Hum, hard to make a choice isn’t ? ;)
    Visual art is also typography, and what a nice way to travel than to know train stations of various cities.
    It is also a lovely way to remember that journey in Paris and finding your way in the capital of love thru its subway just by reading the names on your walls. The subway in your living room, hanging on a wall.

    Of course, none of those will override anything, works fine in game, and is a pure clone of a Maxis object …

    imago-verti-artwork-abstract-01.jpg imago-verti-artwork-all-00.jpg imago-verti-artwork-diko-01.jpg imago-verti-artwork-fifty-01.jpg imago-verti-artwork-geeky-01.jpg imago-verti-artwork-india-01.jpg imago-verti-artwork-metro-01.jpg imago-verti-artwork-world-01.jpg
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