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7 Brick Walls – Corporation – volume 8 1

Looking for something more administrative ?

  1. k-hippie
    Wall Type:
    • Masonry

    Looking for something more administrative ? Perfect ! Those walls are directly coming from underground office of secrets or international politic. Well, you get it, something more serious and official for all important matters that SimWorld can contain.

    The patterns look good in all three heights … They don’t just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes and are really seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right.

    imagowallbrick01-vol8.jpg imagowallbrick02-vol8.jpg imagowallbrick03-vol8.jpg imagowallbrick04-vol8.jpg imagowallbrick05-vol8.jpg imagowallbrick06-vol8.jpg imagowallbrick07-vol8.jpg