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7 Counters – Spaak ( aka Breakfast at K Lounge ) – serie 1 2

You don't need to *know* cooking to look like a Chef.

  1. k-hippie
    • Kitchen & Appliances
    • Cooking
    Required Sims 4 Stuff Pack:
    • Perfect Patio Stuff

    Looking at this kitchen set you certainly want to become a chef. It wouldn’t surprise us. Look at those metallic textures, meticulously applied to those modern counters ! As always, we prefer a minimalist look with an industrial touch. Emboss, matt, stainless metals, different kinds all mixed together because textures are giving life to any full metallic kitchen. Seamless, so your desire for complete wall of counters or just a couple in the middle a room won’t look bonky. Clearly, you’ll cook better just by having those counters. No doubt about that. You deserve a nice kitchen ! Learn to love cooking and you’ll learn to love eating !

    Based on maxis meshes, transformed with our craft, the Spaak Counters are multi-meshed : inner corners, outer corners, small spaces, etc. 5 different meshes for one counter. 7 different metallic looks. So many possibilities for a unique kitchen. Isn’t that neat ?

    This object doesn’t override anything, works fine in game, and is a modified mesh from Maxis :)

    Made with Sims4Studio & S4PE
    Price : 300§

    special-hippie-kitch-spaak-04.jpg special-hippie-kitch-spaak-05.jpg special-hippie-kitch-spaak-06.jpg special-hippie-kitch-spaak-07.jpg special-hippie-kitch-spaak-08.jpg special-hippie-kitch-spaak-09.jpg special-hippie-kitch-spaak-10.jpg
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